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Worktops, splashbacks & upstands


Gloss and Platinum Etchings laminate surfaces will scratch more easily so additional care must be taken, due to the properties of these decorative surfaces we are unable to accept performance responsibility for them, this includes scratching. Scratches on dark colours will be more visible than on light colours.


Gloss, Softmat and Aluminium surfaces do scratch more easily so additional care should be taken, we are unable to accept any responsibility for the scratching of these products.


When using the Chalk Black feature splashback as a chalkboard the use of traditional chalk is recommended as liquid chalk pens may leave some ghosting on the surface.


As Quartz is an engineered man-made surface, the visual characteristics and colouring is very consistent, with slight shade variations between batches the only consideration.  Natural materials such as Granite and Quartzite are formed underground and extracted in blocks which are then processed into slabs.  Each slab is completely unique.  Some colours are more consistent, with only small variations from quarry to quarry, but others have big variations from slab to slab.  Please consider this when choosing natural stone from samples.

Quartz is manufactured to be virtually non-porous so has high stain resistance and is very easy to maintain.  All natural stone is porous and so has a "once only" anti-stain treatment applied to enhance it's protection.  However even after treatment, natural stone does have more openness compared to the completely smooth surface of an engineered surface like Quartz.  

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