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12 month Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • Once full payment is received, all work is guaranteed for 12 months from the completion date.

  • If a defect in materials or workmanship within the guarantee period cause a product to fail, we will repair or replace the affected product or part.
  • Where the product is no longer available we shall, at our discretion, provide you with a replacement product of similar specification.
  • There are no other remedial options available under our guarantee.
  • The guarantee applies to the single product in question providing it has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and showroom guidelines.
  • The guarantee does not include damage as a result of using any strong chemicals, misuse or modification. Also not included are normal wear and tear, natural discolouration over time and products not for domestic use.
  • Gloss and Platinum Etchings laminate worktop surfaces will scratch more easily so additional care must be taken, due to the properties of these decorative surfaces we are unable to accept performance responsibility for them, this includes scratching. Scratches on dark colours will be more visible than on light colours.
  • Upstands and Splashbacks: Gloss, Softmat and Aluminium surfaces do scratch more easily so additional care should be taken, we are unable to accept any responsibility for the scratching of these products. When using the Chalk Black feature splashback as a chalkboard the use of traditional chalk is recommended as liquid chalk pens may leave some ghosting on the surface.
  • The guarantee does not extend to replacing any other items in the kitchen/bathroom, furniture or other general household fittings.  
  • This guarantee does not cover slight colour variations in panels, doors, tiles, quartz/natural stone worktops etc.  This is not a fault and is beyond our control.  Timber is a natural product therefore colour, grain structure and features will differ from door to door.
  • We reserve the right to send a third party to inspect any faulty items if this is required, prior to confirming any repair or replacement.
  • This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.


The hardwearing surface of PVC panelling can be hygienically cleaned with Shower-panel Spray Cleaner which is a mild non-abrasive cleaner with an anti-bacterial agent and is available to purchase from us. Do not expose to temperatures in excess of 60°c. When fitting lighting, if in doubt consult the lighting manufacturer. 

Abrasive or caustic cleaners and bleaches must NOT be used on any part of your bathroom except in your toilet bowl. 

 If you have any further questions please contact us.

Quartz Worktop Care Guide

Clean with water and a mild cleaning agent - for daily maintenance wipe over the surface with a damp cloth and a natural detergent.  We recommend wiping off any spills as they happen for ease of removal.  

Remove stubborn marks with a cream cleaner - for more stubborn spills that cannot be removed with water, rub over the area with a non-abrasive scouring pad and a cream cleaner such as Astonish.

Use a chopping board - Quartz is harder than metal so sharp objects such as knives may leave a metal residue on the worktop.

Use heat protection - Although Quartz has a high heat resistance, a sudden change in temperature can cause thermal shock so never place items from the oven or hob directly onto the surface.

Avoid harsh chemicals with a high or low ph - high acidic (such as hydrogen peroxide) or alkaline (such as caustic oven cleaner) should never come into contact with your worktop.  Rinse immediately with clean water if it happens.

DO NOT USE A NATURAL STONE CLEANER - they are designed for porous stone such as granite and marble.  Applying to a Quartz worktop can result in a build up of product, leaving a dull film on the surface which may be difficult to remove.

Kitchen Door Care Instructions

Clean the doors using only a solution of 95% luke warm water with no more than 5% soap.  Use a clean damp (not wet) cloth.  Dry with a soft clean cloth.  If it is a timber door, run the cloth along the grain direction.  Any cooking marks or spillages must be wiped and removed immediately.  Do not spray anything directly onto your doors, including the cleaning solution recommended.   DO NOT allow liquids to seep directly into joints of doors, water damage may cause the surface to 'blow'.

DO NOT use any of the following to clean the doors: wax furniture polish, bleach/chlorine based products, abrasive cleaners, solvents, multi-purpose or alcohol based cleaners, ammonia or similar products, scouring pads or abrasive cloths.

Timber is a natural product therefore colour, grain structure and features will vary from door to door.  Timber can be prone to expansion and shrinkage due the environment in which it is installed.  This natural movement in the timber may cause the surface finish of the timber/veneered door (i.e painted, varnished, lacquered finishes etc) to move with the wood, this may result in shrinkage and hairline cracks appearing on the doors.    

Please be aware that localised or intense heat/steam can damage fascias and doors, using small appliances such as toasters and kettles in close proximity should be avoided.   Extreme temperature changes may cause damage to the door's surface.

Any door range, be it lacquered, vinyl wrapped or painted, will change colour over time due to natural UV exposure.  Please bear this in mind if, for example, you required extra doors ordering to suit a previous installation. 

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